What is Kurrasa?    
Kurrasa in Arabic means notebook. It represents the building block of education. 

Why Kurrasa
As parents, we understand the agony of using the conventional methods to find a suitable school for our children. We've been through the ritual of asking friends, driving down the streets looking for schools and searching the internet for the limited information available 

As IT professionals, we realize that there must be a better way. And that way is Kurrasa.com.

What is Kurrasa.com?
Kurrasa is everything you need to know about k12 schools in your neck of the woods.
k12 means Kindergarten to grade 12.
Kurrasa.com is:
  1. 1- an easy-to-use, searchable database of k12 schools (in KSA as a start).
  2. 2- a user-driven school ranking system.
  3. 3- a k12 parents community.
  4. 4- a direct channel to communicate with school administrators.
  5. 5- an education resource portal.